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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Unto us a child is born

Kathryn Rachel Kosiner
July 30 2008
8 lbs 20 inches

Birth pics:

With my pops:

With my Nana

First family picture:

I had my first dip in the pool quite early

With my Mammaw

With my Pappaw

With Grandma

With my Grandpa Joe

My first bath-- I didn't much like it

Mommy loves my bunny towel

First visit with Great Grandma Briggs

Four Generations: me, Mamma, Nana and Grandmother

First swing

Birth story:
She was a few days early. I went in for a scheduled ob appt, and had a non-stress test. Dr B. noticed that her heart-rate wasn't as variable as he'd like, and my placenta had calcification (meaning it was aging), so he decided to send me over for induction. We got started around 10am if I remember correctly with pitocin, and he broke my water at some point.
When I finally started pushing, her heart-rate dropped some, but then she tolerated it better. She was born after a bit of time pushing.