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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Busy days!

Me and mommy have had two very busy days. Yesterday we spent the day with bryson and tracy-- we had a lot of fun. I was actually awake for awhile to play with bryson, and we had a good time. We were being really cute, and he was holding my hand :)
We also went for a playdate at chic fila and met a lot of new people. It was fun! It was kids night, so they had a firetruck for us to see there. Here is a picture of me and mommy in the truck.

Today I went to the doctor. I weigh 10 lb 13 oz, and I am 22 in long. Both of those are in 50% for my age. I have stopped growing quite so quickly, but I am still okay. I also had to have shots today, and I have been a little fussy. I feel a little better though because mommy had to get one too, and it wasn't me in pain all alone. I have been sleeping most of the afternoon. Altough I did get to meet some new friends at a playdate in durham today. Mommy had a really good time there, but now she is achy and blah right along with me here at home. So we will have a quiet laid back evening.

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  1. I had a really good time the other day...I hope you both are feeling better. You are getting so big!