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Sunday, November 16, 2008


Me and Mommy went to a playdate today. It was fun. There were a lot of babies around my age there, and I got to watch them and try to do what they were doing. Abigail was going around kissing everyone, and I had a few boys both fawning over me ;)
Here are a few pictures!

We went to a baby shower last night, there were a lot of people and I mostly slept, but I will have a new friend in the world soon. Mommy forgot to take any pictures, but it was a good time.

I was at home with Mommy all day today-- we cuddled and played. I am getting so good playing on the floor, and holding up my head while on my tummy. I also have been trying to eat mommy's nose, and here is photographic evidence.

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  1. We had great fun at the playdate too. I can not believe how big she is getting.