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Thursday, December 4, 2008


We went to the Doctor yesterday. I am doing great, and growing as I should be. Here are my stats:

height: 23 3/4 (45%)
weight: 12 lb 15 oz (25%)
head: 16 (45%)

He also said that I am not actually cutting a tooth-- so that first is a little farther away than we thought! He gave the go-ahead to start rice cereal, which we did this morning.
At first I did not know what to think, and mostly cried, but then I sort of got the hang of it. At first I just let it sit in my mouth, and the only way I would swallow is to suck on my thumb :) Mommy isn't sure how much I actually ate, because we made a big mess, and I liked to spit it back out. We had a lot of fun, and can't wait to do it again though.


  1. Great pics!!! I was so glad to see you today, you are getting so big.

  2. Both my kids spit the plain rice cereal out until I added applesauce. The plain rice cereal tastes like cardboard!
    Great pics!!! Don't they grow up too fast!!