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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Playdate on Monday

We had a really good time at Anne-Marie's house on Monday for the playdate. I looked around at the other babies, and we made a cute little craft for Christmas. We traced my hands and one of my feet, and made into a reindeer. Mommy's friend Michelle says that they do it every year, to help show how much her children have grown. Hopefully we will remember next year and keep up the tradition.

Here are a few pictures.

Here I am eating one of Riley's toys:

This is Anne-Marie (our hostess with the mostest) and Riley:

This is me, Riley, and Abby:

This is Michelle and Christian doing a puzzle- they live right down the road from us!

And this is the other mommies and babies there, Ashley and Riley and Jamie and Rachel:

The babies were all older than me, so far it doesn't look like I picked anything up from them, but I was watching them crawl, roll over, and walk around. It will be my turn soon!

We are going this weekend back to Lexington, and I get to spend some time with lots of family, and I get to meet my Great Grandma Shields. More to come!

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