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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Play time

We had a playdate here on Tuesday. I was finally around another baby about my age and developmental stage. I am used to being around older babies a lot. Which there is nothing wrong with and I love my friends, but it was cool for Mommy to see another baby at the same stages. Here I am with my friend Ross.

Here are some of me and my other friends playing:

Today we spent a lot of time with Tracy and Bryson. I also got some ice cream at McDonalds today-- boy was it yummy!! We had bible study this morning and I played with David and Bryson, and then Mommy kept Bryson for awhile, and we both took naps. Here is Bryson napping in the swing. Mommy thought it was really cute with his hand behind his head. The next is me playing hairstylist to Bryson. Mommy was trying to get a picture of him hugging me, but it came out like this, which is still cute.

Mommy kept David the other night-- here he is playing drums on the floor, the next is where me and David were staring each other down, and of course as soon as the camera snaps, we stopped, and lastly a pic of me chilling on the coffee table:

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