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Friday, April 30, 2010


Well-- it has been a busy week. We got hit by a deer last Friday. Katie was examined in the Er and she is absolutely fine. I got a knee immobilizer and my back and neck have been pretty sore.
Nana and Pops (my parents) were coming to visit anyways, but they came early and stayed longer than planned because at first I wasnt even able to pick up Katie.
Pops and Nana built Katie and swing set and she really loves it. I found her and climber and slide and Nana and Pops put it together for her.
We also had our weight check. She is only 21 pounds and she is not staying on her growth curve anymore. It was already below the 0th percentile, but she was steady and now she isn't. We aren't too concerned yet, but we are trying to give her more calories.

There are lots of picture on facebook and here is the link so anyone can see them. I will probably post some more of the videos later.

The newest ones are on the later pages.

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