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Thursday, September 22, 2011


K: Mommy, can I tell you something?
Me: Yes.
I wanna be a Canes (Hurricanes are our hockey team) when I am all the way growed up.
Really? You'd be good at that.
I want my name to be Ruutu. Who do you wanna be when you're all the way growed up?
I am all the way grown up.
No. I mean when you are growed up. Who do you wanna be?
Katie's mommy.
That's silly.

Me: Did you have a good day at school?
K: Yeah.
What did you have for lunch?
You mean you learned about flashlights?
So, what did you eat at lunch?

Me: Katie, what do you think makes God happy?
K: Um... Cookies!

K: When I get born, I wanna be a carousel.

K: Mommy? You have a nice butt.

K: We need to get a new battery for the car.
So that Daddy doesn't park the car in the hole again.
(We didn't need a new battery, but Daddy did in fact park the car in a big ditch at my mom's house... we even needed a tow truck, and it's made quite an impression)

K: I need to go to the doctor.
Why, aren't you feeling well?
No. I have a baby in my tummy and they need to do something about it.

K while praying: Pray that Mommy goes to sleep and has sweet dreams. And that she wakes up. And pray for the baby that she feels good, and if she don't we'll take her to the doctor.

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