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Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween and State Fair

We had a fun time trick or treating, even if it was rainy. We're in a great neighborhood--so many lights on for 

Katie to load up. I was done after a block but she kept going with Allan and Nana.

At middle creek park before Allan's office party

At the state fair

 on the ferris wheel--she talked about it forever

 She likes fair food

 Her and (mostly) Daddy won the turtle

 Enjoying drinking the plate of sugar from funnel cake

 sugar face

 Halloween parade at school

 Making monster teeth

 showing off monster teeth

 apples and cream cheeese--she was a big fan

 Playing with her friends

 Cuddling with Daddy

 Go Canes

 Reading her "book" it always amazes me to see her sit still and be quiet

 Neighborhood Halloween party and parade

 Cuddling with Dad again

 Ready to go trick or treating

 It was rainy and cold, so yes, that is a snow suit under her costume

 at the neighbor's

 back to get her umbrella