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Monday, January 23, 2012

1 month appt

Jillian had her 1 month appointment last week, and the doctor said she was doing great. She weighs 10 lb 4oz which is 90% and she's 21 inches long (50%), her head is 14 3/4 (70%). I couldn't believe how much she weighs, but I'm glad! Her little cheeks and double chin should've been a clue... She had to get a shot, but it hasn't seemed to bother her very much.
I finally got a blurry shot of her smile, which is still rare at this point, but I try to get her to smile all the time.
Katie did great at her skating class this week, and she was able to get up on her own, and even skate a bit by herself.
Katie learned about boats two weeks ago at school, and airplanes last week. She made a paper airplane and used a feather and a straw to see how it would fall. She's starting to remember more about a few of her favorite books, and I love to hear her "read" them.

 1st smile on camera-- a little blurry but still adorable

 10 pounds of cute

 big yawn

 Katie waiting for Jillian to stop crying to read

 Reading curious george

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