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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Feb updates- Jillian smiles and coos, katie bike

Here are some gorgeous Jillian smiles (she's a little stingy with them!) She's been cooing a little bit, but it's really hard to catch on camera (even harder than those smiles)
We had a couple of beautiful days, and got to play outside with the neighbors and Katie has been getting really good on her bike.
On one of the not so pretty days, I took Katie to the bounce house, which she seems to like, although I think her favorite part is the hurricane machine which she pretends is a rocket. 
Katie is learning about emotions this week at school, and they talked about simple tools and machines last week. Next week they have a valentines day party she is excited about, and they are supposed to wear their pajamas to school, which she also talks about a lot.

 I love the expressions on her face in this set

 Checking out the new fish

 in the rocket with her friend, the bounce house dude

 making sure she's not missing anything

 pretty smiles

 I'm gonna get you...

 more sweet smiles

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