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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Katieisms part 2

 When I grow up I wanna be like you mommy, and then a giraffe.

You're the best Jillian in the world.

After 1st skating class... "I don't wanna be a hockey player anymore."
me: didn't you have fun?
K: "well, maybe a little bit of fun"
(after 3rd class she's know declared she wants to be a pink hockey player again, and play with her best friend ruutu)

Pops: Sit and smell the roses. Take a chill pill.
K: No, I don't want a chill pill. I want another kind of medicine.

Allan: My back hurts. I think I slept funny last night
K: How can your bed say something funny?

K mumbles something
Mom: Sorry, I can't hear you
K: But Mom, I've already told you 4 times!

K: remember the lady in the chair with the handle on the back?
Mom: Grandmother, you mean?
K: Yeah. Her.
Mom: You know, she was my grandma
K: Well my grandma is the one with the grandpa

(Grandma comes to the door alone)
K: You forgot Grandpa!

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