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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Charleston, Spring Fling, 1st night in crib, rolling over, and ballet

We went on vacation to Charleston and had a great time. We explored downtown, went to the aquarium, toured the USS Yorktown, went to the beach for a day, and visited our friend Peter in Colombia. We had a great time!

Jillian is getting so big! She's slept in her crib for the 1st time, she's lifting her head and legs like she's trying to sit up, and rolled from her back to her side.

Katie started ballet classes and even though she's only been to one, she really enjoyed it, and had been asking for lessons for quite some time.

We had a neighborhood spring fling, and Katie met the Easter bunny, went egg hunting, got her face painted and played games.

We'll be traveling again this week, up to New Jersey to see Grandma and Grandpa, and Katie is excited.

 fountain in downtown 

Here's a video of her playing in the fountain:

 Ready for the beach

 At Folly Beach

 A nice passerby took our picture

 Toes in the water... she wasn't impressed, though the water was pretty chilly

 Chillin in her tent

 Playing in the ocean

 Katie didn't think it was cold

 Oh to be able to sleep anywhere

 Our princess castle
Beach video:

 At the waterfront

 Playing on the computer with Grandpa

 Love this one

 Ready for dance class

Here's a compilation of the videos from her dance class:
If that doesn't work try this link:

 At the hotel

 Jillian looks so small in there!

 Queen Anne's Revenge restaurant. It was tasty! And the decor was neat

 At the aquarium


 The snake looked double headed... Pretty cool stuff

 Petting a snake

 Jillian's 1st night in her crib

Jillian lifting her head and legs--looks like she's trying to sit up
Jillian rolling from back to side

 All dressed up for church

 fave of just jilly

 love this

 sweet Katie

 At spring fling with the Easter bunny

 Egg hunting

 She met a friend... who's surprised?

 Sitting so still getting her face painted

 She loved it!

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