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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Apr-May 2012 Jillian rolling over, saying ah and exersaucer, Katie's dance recital and Easter

We've been up to so much! We've visited Lexington, and New Jersey. Jillian has rolled over though she doesn't do it very often and is usually not very happy about the whole situation. She's being more vocal saying "ah" a lot. She likes to play in the exersaucer with a book and watch Katie play.
Jillian seems to like being outside more and more, and she is starting to prefer me to walk her around rather than lay and play or have me rock her. Mommy is pretty tired a lot of the time, but she is so worth it.
Katie had her dance recital and looked so incredibly cute. She is trying out gymnastics tomorrow and then will decide if she wants to do that or continue with ballet. We got out her pool and she splashed around for a while. At school she is talked about zoo and farm animals as well as the circus last week, and Ms. Wooty is working on getting her to use shapes when coloring rather than scribbling.
We had a great time celebrating Easter in New Jersey, Katie dyed eggs, and got Easter baskets from Mommy and Daddy. When we visited Lexington Nana and Pops also had baskets for the girlies.
We had a great time celebrating our friend Riley's fourth birthday party. Katie painted a bird house and loved looking at the turtles.
When we visited with Papaw, Katie really enjoyed driving the golf cart and jumping on the trampoline. She also went in the camper and called it the school bus.

Katie's Dance recital video (sorry if it jumps a bit, I wanted pics so I couldn't record the whole time. I just pasted all the clips together so that it would be easier to watch)

If the embedded video doesnt work, click here

Katie loves Jilly

Jillian, the book, and the exersaucer

Katie being silly with the pinwheel

In which Jillian says "aahh"

Katie jumping on the trampoline

1st time in the exersaucer


Get me with both my babies mom. Cinderella and Jillian

rolling over

Loving it outside

dying eggs with Grandma and Grandpa

Jillian's Easter Basket


love this one

sitting up with help

sleepy hands

for you?

our lil'est princess

katie's dance recital


to ms. sassy

group pic

Katie's trophy

at Riley's birthday party painting her house

enjoying that cupcake

big smiles

look ma

baby turtle

to read the book

or eat the book- that is the question

what is this woman doing to me

I guess I'm down

 thumb and finger suckin babies

sometimes there aren't the right words :D

loving the golf cart with Papaw

Look, another baby

aren't they a little young for that ;)

dressin up

Mommy's earrings
Mommy's allergic reaction 
all dressed up

getting the toy with her feet

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