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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Katieisms part 3

K: C is for cookie, and I'm gonna eat your cookie all up

While making Valentines for her class party
"we have a new Anders (a boy in her class) at school because we lost the old one"

K: Mommy? Are you pregnant again. (Points to the shirts that I told her I only wear when I'm pregnant)
Me: No
K: What time are you going to be pregnant again?
Me: I don't know why?
K: I want you to wear that shirt.
Me: Katie, you realize if I'm pregnant again you'll have another brother or sister. Do you want Mommy to have another baby?
K: Yes! I want a brother!

We saw a hockey game on 2/17 and they announced that it was Ruutu's birthday, all weekend she was singing Happy Birthday Ruutu, you're the best hockey player in the world.
Then on Sunday morning, she said it again and Allan told her that his birthday was over, and she says
"How can Ruutu's birthday be over? He didn't have cake."

Having dinner, Katie points to her sesame hamburger bun "These have Sesame Streets"

K: My tummy hurts.
Me: I'm sorry baby.
K: I think it's from being on the beanbag (timeout) too long.

Leaving the line at CVS drive-through to pick-up my meds and Katie says: "Mom, go on around and they'll give you food."

Katie in the car on our way home from dinner last night: "Daddy, when Jilly's older, I'll let her do stuff with me. I'll help her make dinner in my kitchen. She can stir the soup. I'll stir the cake. And then we can have a birthday party!"

Is this a go potty store?

K: I like Aurora. Can we watch her on demand? 
Me: (laughing) Honey I don't think we have that movie. 
K: can we buy it?
Me: We'll see. 
K: If they don't have it, can I buy sprinkles?

A: Wipe that smile off your face
K: But I don't have anything to wipe it with.

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