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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Plants, strawberry hunting, visit to Lex, Katie's gymnastics, Jillian splashing in bath and in the jumper

We've been busy, here is a preview of what we've been doing: Planting flowers, strawberry hunting, visit to Lexington, Katie's first gymnastics class at Sonshine in Holly Springs, Jillian splashing in bath and playing in the jumper.

Here is Jillian getting so big, she is playing in the bath now. In fact, she is playing more and more everyday. It is so fun to see what she does new each day that she didn't the day before.

Here she is for the first time in the jumper:

Jillian blowing raspberries and trying to eat her feet

Here is Katie at gymnastics. They do things a bit differently and focus on one set of skills each week rather than the same course over and over like at Artistic. So expect new pics and videos with her new skills. This week was jumping:

If that doesn't work, use this link:
(I set them to semi-private where you need the link, so I am never sure if the embedded versions work here on the blog)

And here we are going "strawberry hunting"

She loved the orange flag you moved to where you finished picking

Girl's night out at Chick-fil-a

 Jillian eating her blankie

Planting our flowers this season:

Jillian not so impressed by the flowers :)

Playing with our neighbor, Maggie

With Mamaw at the campground

playing with a friend


With Nannie

With Nana

Playing with BooBoo

Love this smile

Sleeping on momma

Love the tutu

With Nikkie

Katie loving on Jilly

Trying to eat her toes


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