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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Stuff Katie says

Mom goes into her room after hearing her whine
"Mommy, I hurt my back"
"Aww, how did you hurt it"
Points at her dresser "I accidentally climbed on there"

Mom: making kissing noises at Jillian trying to quiet her
K: "Give her a kiss and put her to bed already, I'm tired of hearing her whine"

K: I want a dog like Booboo
Dad: If we get a dog, I want a big dog.
K: Points at his shirt- "I want a dog like booboo or I won't like your muppets anymore"

K: Are you always grumpy Daddy? Grandpa says you are.

(So, Katie has an obsession with pressing the elevator or handicapped buttons that open doors)
Allan took me to the dr and dropped me off, and Katie said
-Aww, did mommy press the elevator button
-I wanted to press it
A: But you're staying in the car
-But I could run in, press it, Mommy could get on, and I could come back to the car.

Daddy? My cupcake does taste like pink.

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