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Monday, August 6, 2012

Swinging, bath, sitting up, pickle, gymnastics and swimming

It's been a busy but fun week.

Girls on the swingset:

Jillian tries to go shopping:

Katie swimming on her own a bit:

Jillian sniffling and scrunching her nose:

Katie bouncing on her ball (a gift for her birthday)

Pickle baby:

Girls in the bath:

Katie on the beam at gymnastics:

Jillian sitting up by herself:

enjoying the swingset

first time gnawing on a pickle

sitting up all nice and pretty

youngest thirty-one addict

getting Katie's shopping cart

Happy birthday Seth

Happy birthday Seth!

Seth's lil bro Liam

she loved it until she choked a bit, so we'll try again in a month or so

love that face


baby rapper?

bath time

Katie at swim lessons

at the neighborhood pool

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