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Sunday, September 23, 2012

9 month well check

Jillian is 27 inches at 40%, weighs 16 lb 2.5 oz at 15% and her head is 17 1/4 at 50%. Her weight to length ration is 20%.
Since she was sick (sinus infection) she didn't get her shots, but we go back next week and she will get Hep B and flu shot.
The doctor was happy with how she looked, and her verbal and fine motor are on par with a 10 month old (that is the questionairre they gave us for some reason) but she is a little behind a 10 month old in gross motor (which is legs) since she doesn't crawl or pull up yet. I know it is coming though, she has been pulling up on my fingers and even tried to pull up on Allan's computer yesterday.

Also, we had an amazing time at Disney, I am working slowly through pictures and video and will post soon!

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