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Monday, September 24, 2012

Disney Part 1

We had an amazing time at Disney! Katie especially loved the Princess Tea Party and Dumbo (we rode it many many times) But the best news about riding Dumbo so many times is that we really only had to wait in line a few times and those times it was fifteen minutes tops I would say. They have redone Dumbo, so now there is an indoor and AIR conditioned area for the kids to play and parents to sit. The give you a little beeper like at a restaurant when it is your turn to ride. Since the last time we visited, they also added a 2nd Dumbo which also cuts down on the wait time.
Jillian also seemed to enjoy Dumbo. She was all smiles while riding with me.
Katie tried a roller coaster, but did not like it. Katie of course also enjoyed the teacups and the carosel again this time.
Both girls really seemed to enjoy the Pooh ride as well as Small world.
They both also really seemed to enjoy our character breakfasts. We have several princess breakfasts as well as a dinner and a tea party, and we also got to see Pooh and Tigger, Mickey, Minnie, Donald and Daisy, Goofy and Pluto. Katie liked to hug them and get their autographs while Jillian liked to grab the ones in costumes noses and mouths and of course the Princess' hair and dresses. We tried to stop her from doing that, but sometimes failed.

Well more later, but here are some pictures. I have only went through a fraction of them but I know that my dearest mom and a few others wanted to see, so I thought I would post what I have went through so far.

in the car to the airport

on the plane

on the magical express

walking to epcot

boats, mom!

lunch at epcot

eating ginger ice cream

love it, neither kid looking

getting sprayed by the fan

watching the show at the castle


getting katie

she wedged herself between the boys waiting for dumbo

Jillian's first Disney ride on Dumbo. Love how you can't even see her

Jilly on Dumbo

napping. Love the foot on the snack tray


cool baby

drinking water in her "my first trip to Walt Disney" cup

Katie and her balloon

on the bus

what the airline did to our suitcase.

at the Beach Club pool

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