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Monday, November 26, 2012

Jillian's 1st Birthday Party and Decorating for Christmas

We had a great time for Jillian's 1st birthday party. We had some neighbors and friends come over, and we made hamburgers and hotdogs. Jillian had a good time eating as usual, playing with the balloons, and she tore into her smash cake.
She claps now, which is one of the most adorable things ever.
We had a good thanksgiving. We lit a candle and me, Katie and Nana said something about or to Pops to help keep him a part of the holidays. As we were putting up our Christmas decorations, Katie said that she wanted to put the angel where Pop's box sits so that she could watch over him.

I love our girls, more and more each day.

 opening a hanuka gift

 riding the train


 At Katie's school for the Thanksgiving feast

 playing with new toys

 the Jillian crawl

 surrounded by presents

 getting the balloon


 She liked to try to get Peyton

 having a parade

 decorating for Christmas

 putting in baby Jesus

 the angel watching over Pops' box

 putting up the star

 putting on ornament with Daddy

Jillian playing with her balloon:

Jillian clapping

Katie putting on makeup

Having a parade

Saying something to Pops

Itsy Bitsy Spider

Opening and playing with gifts:

Putting up the tree: