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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Hanuka early, 1st tooth firehouse, Jillian early birthday cake

Jillian is getting her first tooth (11/20)! I noticed it this morning after Nana told me to check since she's been fussy, and sure enough a bottom tooth is peeking through. 

 minnie mouse baby

 I'll be the teacher mommy

 1 minute

 At least someone is geting good use of the dell these days

 HS Fire Station Open House 11/10

 katie putting out the "fire"

 sitting in the fire engine


 love that look



 new shiny shoes

 back bend

 early birthday cake for Jill

 she wasn't feeling well and not particularly pleased-- she did grab it though

 Playing with bags

 Sporting their new outfits from Nana for Jillian's birthday

 Grandpa with the real blankie

 loving the balloon

 opening Hanuka gifts early so Grandma and Grandpa can see them

 eating the paper

 playing with the paper

 playing with the box

 eating the toy

 playing with the toy... priorities you know :)

Jillian with a balloon
Jillian and Liam and the ball popper
Hanuka gifts

Katie putting out fires
Jillian meets cake

Here are more updates from Sept and Oct that I haven't posted...

first slide
first sippie

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