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Friday, November 2, 2012

More Disney (video heavy)

 riding the boat. She wasn't pleased at first, but then wanted to take it everywhere

 Jillian was unimpressed

 watching the little mermaid show. She liked it until Ursula came out

 sleeping through the mermaid show

 sci fi dinner theater

 meeting belle

 grab that princess

 dancing with cinderella

  little flirt


 loving the teacups

 teacup dance

 baby tigger

 going to Mickey's Not so Scary Halloween party to trick or treat 

 the ladies asked Katie for *her* autograph

 villan show

 can sleep anywhere

 peek a boo

 her international friend

 t rex diner

 running through the fountain

 her new favorite game... going through the bag

 pooh bear ride

 breakfast at the castle

 Jillian's first ride- dumbo


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