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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Halloween, Pulling Up, Steps behind, fair, pumpkin patch

Jillian is learning like crazy. She can pull up now (she started about 9/30) waves sometimes, can take steps holding on to something, and she's drinking from a straw sippy. 
Katie is crazy and fun as ever. 

 fisher price playdate

 pulling up

 10 month birthday

 cake everywhere!

 She loves playing with the train. She can get the balls out and will put them back in.

 We're trying to get her to crawl, but the verdict is out if she will walk before she crawls.

 Katie getting ready for school

 another favorite toy. she seems to like the discs more than the radio itself

 she likes to dig through here too

 state fair

 ferris wheel

 mini dumbo all by herself

 "drinking the plate" funnel cake tradition

 jillian and cotton candy

 Katie got an Easy Bake Oven from a yard sale and here she is trying it out for the first time

 we went to the "pumpkin patch"

 it is near impossible to get a pic with them both looking and smiling

 the goat meets a goat

 "milking" a cow

 Me and Jillian went down the slide

 Katie on the barrel train

 I tried to take Jillian but I was too big

 sleepy baby

 We saw Sienna who was in her class at west lake

 going on the hay ride

 love some of these faces. They actually really seemed to like the ride, just not me taking pics

 another of Jillian's favorite pass times... pulling Katie's hair

 good times with Nana

 Daddy telling a "scary" story

 talk to the hand

 the "patch"

 Katie found hers

 Jillian playing with hers

 family pic

 "playday" with Seth

 the babies looking at each other and having snack


 decorating our pumpkin

 the baltimore aquarium. allan and I visited when we went up to MD for Dave and ginny's wedding

 pumpkins in the tank

 I loved the dolphins

 Jillian has a creamsicle

 Trick or treating at Daddy's work

 Jillian liked to grab the candy 

 Before trick or treating in the neighborhood

 She was pushing the toy and then taking steps behind it to catch up

 our city with legos

 I think she looks so much like Katie esp with that blanket

 and the way she holds it and sucks her thumb

 my lego tower that was taller than me

 she got herself behind the door

 the mini maze

 watching her oven bake her cookies

 ready to ToT

 hanging out at Bridgett and Anna's before ToT

 first house

 love that face

down the driveway: 
Katie dance: 
Jillian pulling up on 9/30 
Jillian waving and taking steps behind the toy: 
trick or treat at allan's work: 
hands up, what James taught her: 
Jillian having coke: 
Jillian has a creamsicle
Katie on dumbo: 
drinking from straw: 
 Trick or treat
first trick or treat: 
teasing Jillian trying to get her to crawl: 
part 2: 
decorating princess pumpkin: 
Jillian playing with train: 
Katie on barrel train

Primrose at Holly Grove (Katie's school) was on the news:

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