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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

CFA Santa Cow, MLS Santa Train and Stockings

 Hanging by the tree

 hanging stockings

 turning pages

 scooting under the kitchen counter

 in the toy bo

 playing with the snowmen loving on Grandpa

 Going old school for toys

 getting the train

 Santa cow and grinch at Chickfila

 letter to Santa

 Elf on the Shelf

 Katie's braid

 Santa Train at Museum of Life and Science... they had beautifully decorated trees

 the science tree

 playing with the snow sensory box... it felt so real

 on the train

 getting face painted

 making an ornament

 The only time she is supposed to touch the Elf... Don't know if it is official rules, but its house rules... On the first night we let her give her, Zoe, Katie chose her name, a hug

 The first hiding place. 

 all dressed up for church and Liam's party

Jillian's cake
Train dance

Jillian turning book pages
Jillian meets snowman
Bouncing and saying hey
Katie and Zoe, her Elf on the shelf, in her 2nd hiding place.

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