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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Christmas and Winter 12-13

 Katie's school pics

 Christmas with Mamaw and Papaw

playing her new game

 her ornament from Disney

 christmas eve

 feeding the reindeer

 coke and cookies for santa, and saying goodbye to Zoe

 Santa came!!

 Christmas morning

 the reindeer handprints

 opening santa gifts

 lovin her stocking

 Katie playing with her tag reader

 Katie and Daddy playing with remote car

 she pushes the baby stroller occassionally

 with ms. tori

 loving on nana

 at the museum of life and science

 great shot of a butterfly

 showing off the new boot

 tongue out

 riding the train

 the ice storm of 2013

 climbing on daddy

the katie dance

Jillian says Katie

katie's airplane

Jillian talks to the snake

Katie and her remote control car

feeding the reindeer

katie opens her vanity