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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Disney Oct 2013

We had an amazing trip. We all ate a lot of food, had some fantastic people return a bag that we left at a bus stop. Jillian loved the rides and was more excited about the characters, or I guess, really realized that she'd seen them on tv.

 at the airport

 on the plane

 watching dvd

 on the magical express


 front decorated for halloween

 waiting for 1st ride- Magic Carpets

 pooh bear play area


 cool with the sunglasses


 Voyage under the sea

 belle's enchanted Tales--this seemed to be Katie's favorite, or at least what she asked for the most often

 out like a light

 bus to the animal kingdom

 Jillian's first character of the trip--goofy!

 celebration parade 

 stuck on the safari, we thought there was a giraffe in the road, but turns out a truck was stuck

 peek a boo

 my birthday cake

 watching dream along with mickey show

 this is how jillian felt in most of the lines


 small world

 Wishes parade

 ready for the halloween parade

 first glimpse

 seeing Goofy's float

trick or treating at the not so scary halloween party

 out baby minnie

 Katie as belle

 my kids love umbrellas. I don't get it, but go with it as much as we can. They are dangerous with them though

 face painted

 brunch at the royal table

 at the disney junior live

 loving on her new goofy doll

 dinner at be our guest

 last ride at disney this trip :(

 Happy birthday to pops 10-28-13

 watching the balloons go to heaven

 decorating the pumpkins

Katie as the beast: 


dance party: 

donald watching clubhouse: 

Jillian on dumbo

jillian singing happy birthday eventually

hokey pokey with new friend

jillian with goofy

jillian keeping herself awake:


tusker house parade: 

watching the parade: