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Saturday, October 5, 2013

 Let's Go Canes. Great seats at 1st game of the season

 enjoying her dinner

 Katie's 1st Quarter Conference
She is settling into school well, does well with group discussions, friendship skills, predictions while reading, number sense. 
She needs to work on counting objects when not in a straight line and not getting in a hurry and skipping or double counting. She needs to work on sounding out cvc (constant, vowel, constant) i.e. dog, cat. She needs to work on dominant sounds when writing and getting some of the sounds for each word she writes. For example she wrote something like assiotide but needed to write I like playing outside. Only focused on the sounds of outside. She needs to work more on the 5 finger retell for stories: characters, setting, beginning, middle, end and personal connection. 

 Jillian has been sitting on the potty. She pooped in it one day, but nothing since

 Her favorite part. And yes, lately she has had something against clothes, taking off onsies, shirts and dresses and down to the diaper. 
 Then there is this little dirty habit while watching tv. Luckily this one was clean. 

Jillian has also been biting. Not to be mean, just to get your attention, or maybe not even thinking about it while watching TV. I guess we shaved her hair, she can't pull it out and put it in her mouth and needs something else in her mouth, I don't know. She's nipped Nana twice, and me three times. 

 letting go balloons for pop's angel wings day (he passed 10-5-12

Jilly's way of counting. She usually can do 1-7 or 8 but was distracted. I love how she says "turkey"=thirteen with no 11, 13, and all the teens are turkey. Working on it, but needed video evidence of the cuteness

And here is the infamous "hummah" which she's said for a while now when she wants something. Maybe arabic for give me? Mine? LOL. 

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