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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Snowmagedon, Jillian 1st gymnastics

Well, we saw a bit of snow, it followed us to NJ where we got even more (around 9 inches I think said) and then we came back to NC and it followed us. 4 or so inches and maybe ice tonight (hoping they are wrong about this though), then maybe more snow tomorrow.
Allan and Brandi had a great anniversary and went to two devils games. One we had row 2 seats.

 Feb 12 snow

 sledding without a sled

 snow in NJ

 our snowman

Katie wouldn't come out and play in the snow with us at NJ

 1st snow of 2014 playing with the neighbors

 our NJ devils game

 at the natural history museum in NY

 ready for 1st day at gymnastics

 She did some of it okay, but not all. She wouldn't do the bars at all, so we are trying to decide if she should keep going or if she just wasn't having enough fun or not used to it

saying she was a pretty princess before gymnastics

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