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Thursday, May 15, 2014

Jillian's "bugs" in her ear

Jillian talked all day about a "bug" being in her ear. I wondered if it might be play from a Doc Mcstuffins, but she kept rubbing it and saying there was a bug. She'd point to her ear and rub it red.Then she would get distracted and I thought she was done. Well, I had two appts so when finally home, me and mom looked and saw something in there. Sure enough, baby had two beads in her ears, one in each. Silver and gold ones. It was horrible watching them hold her down and her scream all done, but urgent care and then ent visit later, mcdonalds and mickey mouse, she is sleeping and I think that I am more traumatized than she was.
Doc said that he thought it had been in there for awhile because of the wax around it. The urgent care got one out and he couldn't get the other, and thoughtit would need suction. But the ENT got it out with a thin tool of some sort. They wrapped her in a sheet with two nurses at the urgent care and then in a wrap that velcroed her whole body down. I think she was crying the most about being restrained, but I could tell it hurt when he started with the tools in there.

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