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Friday, June 27, 2014

Three Piggie Opera and Kindergarten Celebration

 3 Piggie Opera: Their end of kindergarten show

waiting to start

 "I am ready for 1st Grade because..."

 Graduation... getting a gift from Mrs. brown who couldn't be there (not sure if I ever blogged about it but Mrs. Brown was having a baby and wasn't able to come back for the last 7 weeks, so we got the new and fabulous Mrs Foshee)

 She's a brick house (no, really)

 celebration picnic

 I think she liked the cake

Katie Kind "graduation"

class slideshow

Jillian's last day of ready to learn and womble park

 visit to womble park

 neighborhood park playdate

 with her ready to learn class


 gift from Ms Rhonda

 cupcake after celebration

 getting lil curls again

petah please-- love the way she's been saying pretty please

Connor's Birthday

 how she poses these days

 ready to go out for dinner

 cuddles after naptime... love these times

 watching "t" together. Love these sweet sister moments, instead of the constant "mine" "no, I go first" "she took that from me" and other rivalry. But they really love each other and want other's company. warms my heart

 headed to neighbor connor's birthday party

 slip n slide

 hanging at the pool 

 throwing water balloons... at Ms kyra I think

 Birthday boy ready to whack the water balloon pinata

 Cake time!

K water balloon pinata

J slip n slide

 Memorial for Papaw

 Nikki's speech