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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Old "all abouts"

I wish I would have done this from when they were younger

Katie at 4:

All about Katie

~Katie is in preschool 3 half days a week
~She likes going to the park, art, reading books, especially Curious George and Cordoroy, and she's doing gymnastics.
~Her favorite shows are Elmo and Super, Why Mickey Mouse, and she loves princesses, especially Aurora and Cinderella. Her favorite colors are pink and orange.
~She is loud, funny, and sweet most of the time, but has a stubborn streak too.
~She is very social, and loves playing with her friends
~She's a proud big sister, and a big helper with Jillian. She likes to get "big smiles"

All about Jillian at 1 1/2

~Jillian knows how to walk, she likes to roar. She has about 10 words she uses all the time.
~She loves to watch the train on the back porch, play in her exersaucer and go for walks, but one of her favorite places to play is with the shoes in the mud room.
~She likes to eat, esp. yogurt, cereal, eggs, bananas and nutrigrain bars.

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