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Saturday, June 14, 2014

Pool, bubbles, watertable.

 Happy girl 

  Yep. that's my girl


 playing with doc clinic

 Jillian's helicopter from marbles

 katie's pizza from marbles

 sister rockers

 showing of her clip

 new water table

 balloons from daddy daughter at chilis

 1st Katie pool day of the season

 mohawk baby

 repotting her plant she planted at ready to learn


 playing with noodle sensory bin

 Jillian's 1st pool day this summer

 JIllian's treasure bag from church

 the picture katie made for me

 my sweet message from her on the back

  watching the tv

 park playdate

 messy from cupcake

 her first pigtail

 watermellon olivias

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