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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Fall 2014

ice cream at dickeys

 marbles over track out


 playing with a turtle

 my pirate girls

 hockey at marbles

 pumpkin patch at naylors again, becoming a yearly tradition

 goat with a goat 

 corn crib

 petting either porkchop or bacon (yes I am serious)

 barrel train

 epic whine

 rocks (continuing obsession)

 fall festival in NJ

 sand art necklaces

 giant bubbles-- she watched this for quite a bit

 pony rides

 chasing the ducks

 apple orchards

 oh to be young and limber

 decorating for halloween

 she has a new obsession with puzzles


 nc state fair

 on the ferris wheel-- she had talked about for weeks 

 riding the helicopters

 fishing game

 the puppy she calls bella these days (from mickey mouse clubhouse)

 hay ride

 picking pumpkins

elsa for Allan's work trick or treating

 wiped out pretty pixiewiped out
 new haircut to hopefully curb her pulling and eating

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