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Thursday, December 25, 2014

Christmas and Hanuka

 Liam's birthday party

 Canes vs Devils

 Happy birthday Jill

 Puppet show at FV with Barlett--she was a reindeer

 Hanuka candles

 at school winter party

 donut snowman

 ornament craft

 decorating friends with toilet paper to be a snowman

 christmas eve saying goodbye to zoe

 santa came

 katie's letter to zoe

 more puppet show- she made him a card

 happy hanuka

 kindle fire!

 small group christmas party- decorating cookies




  about to make gingerbread house

 christmas morning-- opening stockings

 gifts from santa

 one happy momma with her wiiu

 playing with new toys

 exploring the new planes helicopter

 got her friends to play on the kindle

 doc puzzle conquered

 watching mickey's once upon a christmas

 remaking our hand/feet print reindeer

 and hanging on tree



Jill's puppet show:

making gingerbread house:

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