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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Thanksgiving and seeing santa

 newly shaved Jilly

 katie and haven striking poses

 zoe is back

 opening an early present

 she loves the little christmas animals that sing

 neighborhood santa and cookies

 Katie wants a barbie dress-- her letter for santa

 Jillian's her letter for santa "she wants a rope"

 wearing a stocking

 opening her ariel

 ready for hockey rivalry night. katie has two favorites now, but more so the devils because they have her boy Ruutu now (she dubbed him that at about 2 I think)

 mom and jillian up on the big board and canes vs devils

 pretty girls

 santa hat jilly

reading sorcerer's apprentice 

"sorcerer. Mickey"
turn the page
sorcerer was a great, he knew about magic
name... with magic make disappear.
get to work, the whirling pool
he knew that was him
chopped wood, grabbed buckets, get to whirling pool
put his fingers on
fill the bucket
pour them. the brooms  poured them. mickey was dancing around the room
maybe he sit in sorcerer's chair
maybe something was wet all over
something was going on
the wood, were buckets. pieces of buckets
pour, said mickey
then the whirling pool
gave a command
man came in, shadow on the wall
water going in and
he gave the hat back to sorcerer
he worked again
the end

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