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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Disney Feb 2015

 asleep on way to disney

  her too

 1st ride- people mover



 waiting for goofy's coaster

 sister love

 playing in the water area

 silly faces

 dance party

 glowing in the dark on pooh

 tired girls

 riding the horseys

 dancing waiting for cinderella

 with charming

 Jill was staring lady tremain down

 thunder mountain

 love her hands up on coasters

 playing with sorcerers cards

 helping save the magic kingdom

 ready for the pirate cruise

 royal table breakfast at citricus while renos in cinderella castle

 on the land speeder outside of star tours (which katie tried for first time and loved it. She also tried and asked to ride the Tower of Terror)

 ohana breatkfast 

 face painting


 butterfinger cupcake at starring rolls (still doesn't top the marshmallow one from Contempo)

 what happens when you ask for ketchup at whispering canyon

 riding the horses for mini parade

 waiting for dumbo


 ready to meet elsa

 sweet moments (they had to share a stroller because I was using my cane, but they were so great about it)

 outside grand floridian


 tales with belle (Jill was chip and Katie was maurice)

 pooh ride

 playing waiting for dumbo

 dumbo is so pretty at night

 on line for peter pan

 the many cheese faces of Jillian

 playing with the rocks on line for magic carpets

 headed for tom sawyer's island

 goofy coaster

 checking out her pins

 showing me her moves

 love the pure joy on their faces playing in the water

 playing at pooh

 mine train

 grand floridian entry way

 fountain inside

 and out

 our view

 villa living room

 master shower (humongous) 

 dancing with charming

 she loved the juice

 Mad Hatter loving on Jill's hat

 taking the boat

 our view coming into magic kingdom

 in pooh house

 does this baby make my butt look big?

 pirate cruise- snacks and pics before 

 hugging her fave pirate

 she is "secret spying"

 view of fireworks from the boat

 she got a hook

 meeting peter

 royal table- temporarily at Citricus in Grand Floridian while renos are done in the castle

 bubbles in line

 safari giraffes

 new toy


 rocking upside down glasses


 in their fort (blocking the sun)

 love the festival of fantasy floats

 watching her fave-- the dragon

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