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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

May Updates

 backstage at katie's recital


 playing in the pool with the neighbors

 swim lessons

 jumping in

 practicing kicks

 muffins with mom

 1st time on diving board

 Katie getting dance award


 tumble gym as reward for good week at school

 strawberry picking

 recognition for reflections contest

 memorial day block party

 water balloon fight

 noodle fight

1st day at neighborhood pool

just for you grandpa: 

katie dance swim day 

katie on bars: 

katie cartwheel on beam practice: 

katie's dance award: 

katie front walk over: 

katie surf dance swim day: 

Jillian swim lessons day 1: 

day 2: 

day 3: 

diving board: 

jill day 5:

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Katie's recital and gymnastics play

Katie "The Rose"


Rose freestyle

9 to 5 (tap)

9 to 5 part 2

9 to 5 free


 tumble gym over track out


 sweet note from Katie: To Mom, I love you always, I am with you surely to the end of the age (she memorizes Matt 28:19-20 and that is what the Lord promises)



 flower from ready to learn

 mother's day card/poster


 ready for dress rehearsal

 with classmates

 Recital day ballet number "The Rose"

 9 to 5 Tap Number

 with her "great job" gifts

 meeting elsa









dress rehearsal dance (same dances just different videos)