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Monday, July 13, 2015

July 4th at Disney

 cupcakes for Katie's birthday (early)

 Last day of 1st grade

 Disney yay!

 trying to catch a fly in the car

 watching a movie during check in

 mounds of stickers


 birthday breakfast

1st ride of the day-- carpets

Katie's 1st pick-- goofy's coaster


 boat ride

 Playing their snort in the ear game
 pool at saratoga springs

 thunder mountain

 small world

one tired girl

 our savana view

love the lion king details

 LOVE the giraffes

 drumming while waiting for the shuttle

 diva waiting for the bus

 watching the olaf special

  Frozen sing a long

 1st time through Toy Story ride

 Pooh bear ride

a little tired

 yay carosel

 Jill's 1st mine train ride

castle decorated for the 4th

 bus love

 goofy coaster with daddy

 dumbo play area

 tea cups

 cooling off with philharmagic

 Jill as phillipe

 katie as chip

 dancing in the rain

  Little tree hugger

  Thrilled at the Dragon in the festival of fantasy parade

 last go on ariel

 1st ride on space mountain-- she was scared to try but loved it

 riding with daddy

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