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Thursday, August 27, 2015

Katie 7 yr well check

 height: 3' 10'' 18%
weight 44 18%
BMI 14.6  (27%)
vision: 20,20
BP 100/58
pulse 92

She is doing good on calcium, does need more fruits and veggies, and protein isn't a concern either. She's meeting her milestones.

She also got her interim report, and she has a lot of 2s, which is needs support, but she is getting that with resource room/IEP. She is above with reading in MCLASS (their evaluation) except the reading comprehension (the writing portion) where she is at lowest level, but that is to be expected with her IEP- developmental delay in non-verbal. I am very proud of her.
Also, her behavior has been great at school so far.

Monday, August 24, 2015

Soccer, marbles, and Jill school

Jillian's quote of the day on the way to her first soccer practice: "I can't wait to go soccerballin'!"

 with her friend from school

ready to play outside

 she made the bow wtih Tori

marbles fun

 almost didn't set up the water table this year, don't know why. 

 Jillian's first soccer practice

 jumping jacks

 learning to stop the ball

 little kicks

 she took a break down field to pick a flower

 and discovered the inside of the net 

 the other little girl shared the feather she found
bear whatcha doing game: 

goal and dance: 

 sharing tunes

 with caleb at school, they've been close this week

Friday, August 21, 2015

Jill Preschool updates

They have a new program where they send home notes and usually pictures, so I will normally start posting all of this in her school tab, at the top of the page right under the banner. 

Jillian enjoyed building a farm with the bristle blocks and playing with all of her friends this morning. Have a wonderful weekend!
Weekly Theme: Express Yourself: Today the children enjoyed a puppet show about friendship.
Lunch - some of the Tropical Fruit, all of the Milk, all of the Cheese Tortellini, none of the Green Beans
Reading with a friend Caleb 

8/19 "We read Mouse Paint during Circle Time today. Jillian enjoyed mixing yellow, red and blue paint together and guessing what color it would make. Today we learned some Yoga moves...Tree Pose, Butterfly and Rolling Rock."

8/17  Jillian enjoyed reading books with her friends today. During Writing we practiced our letters while making a Letter Collage.

Thursday, August 20, 2015

All about at 5 and 2

~Katie is starting 1st grade in July. She can read beginner books and has about 20 sight words. She is learning addition and subtraction at school.
~She loves to play with her friends, especially outside. She is very social
~She is just getting into chapter books and we're reading Junie B Jones at home
~She loves upside down pizza, fried shrimp, chickfila and popsicles
~She is loud and has lots of energy. She also has a beautiful imagination.
~She likes to play with barbies and beads
~She loves Frozen and watching Doc McStuffins and Jake and the NeverLand Pirates.

~Jillian loves to be outside, on the swings, in the sandbox, at the pool or going for walks to look at construction where they are building houses near us
~She loves watching Mickey Mouse and her favorite movie these days is The Little Mermaid and she asks about the octopus/sea witch/ursula a lot
~Her favorite breakfasts are Lil Bites which she calls and exclaims loudly "cake" or oatmeal cookies.
~Her favorite store is Harris Teeter and she loves getting the car cart and a cookie
~She is learning shapes (knows circle and triangle well) and colors (mostly guesses). She says her favorite color is orange
~She talks up a storm, and you can understand a good chunk of what she says. She knows her ABCs and can count to 12 consistently

Latest and Greatest Katieism

"I hate science!" - Katie 

Mom:  I thought you wanted to be a scientist? 

"In science, we have to worry about being right all the time. I don't like it!"

Yes, that is a part of science.

Well, we don't do experiments, we just write stuff down all the time.

Sunday, August 16, 2015


 The girls had a great time. Katie's favorite was the aerial chase

and the big water slide

Jill's favorite was the gliders

the "space" airplane

and the platypus plunge

she also surprisingly liked this, which had pretty hard water pressure

 small roller coaster the crabbie cabbie

 "wow" on the helicopters 

Monday, August 3, 2015

Katie's 7th Birthday and Jill's first days of school cont.

Rady for trial day

 What a Jilly face

 Finding her name and hook

 meeting her teacher

 playing with blocks

 Checking out the classroom fish

in the kitchen with katie

 Tbey had water play and I brought no bathing suit, hence the new clothes

She was playing with the only little boy in class. They would buld a bit and then it would fall and they would laugh. She was directing him. "Here boy, let's build. Boy, put it here. Come on boy." I told her that he had a name but that didn't deter her.

 birthday girl balloons

 seeing her cake

 ready to party

 Jillian loves to make a ball pit

 our katie monkey

 sticking the landing

 wondering what happened to her pit

 Playing dodge ball. They got the parents (the few, the brave) to join in

 Jill didn't particularly like the dodge ball

 getting daddy


 Putting the candles on


 handing out goody bags


 neighborhood ice cream social and pool afternoon

 ready for first normal day

  attitude Jilly in front of Primrose

 sorting dinosaurs