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Thursday, August 20, 2015

All about at 5 and 2

~Katie is starting 1st grade in July. She can read beginner books and has about 20 sight words. She is learning addition and subtraction at school.
~She loves to play with her friends, especially outside. She is very social
~She is just getting into chapter books and we're reading Junie B Jones at home
~She loves upside down pizza, fried shrimp, chickfila and popsicles
~She is loud and has lots of energy. She also has a beautiful imagination.
~She likes to play with barbies and beads
~She loves Frozen and watching Doc McStuffins and Jake and the NeverLand Pirates.

~Jillian loves to be outside, on the swings, in the sandbox, at the pool or going for walks to look at construction where they are building houses near us
~She loves watching Mickey Mouse and her favorite movie these days is The Little Mermaid and she asks about the octopus/sea witch/ursula a lot
~Her favorite breakfasts are Lil Bites which she calls and exclaims loudly "cake" or oatmeal cookies.
~Her favorite store is Harris Teeter and she loves getting the car cart and a cookie
~She is learning shapes (knows circle and triangle well) and colors (mostly guesses). She says her favorite color is orange
~She talks up a storm, and you can understand a good chunk of what she says. She knows her ABCs and can count to 12 consistently

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