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Friday, August 21, 2015

Jill Preschool updates

They have a new program where they send home notes and usually pictures, so I will normally start posting all of this in her school tab, at the top of the page right under the banner. 

Jillian enjoyed building a farm with the bristle blocks and playing with all of her friends this morning. Have a wonderful weekend!
Weekly Theme: Express Yourself: Today the children enjoyed a puppet show about friendship.
Lunch - some of the Tropical Fruit, all of the Milk, all of the Cheese Tortellini, none of the Green Beans
Reading with a friend Caleb 

8/19 "We read Mouse Paint during Circle Time today. Jillian enjoyed mixing yellow, red and blue paint together and guessing what color it would make. Today we learned some Yoga moves...Tree Pose, Butterfly and Rolling Rock."

8/17  Jillian enjoyed reading books with her friends today. During Writing we practiced our letters while making a Letter Collage.

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