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Monday, August 3, 2015

JIllian preschool

From her teacher:
Jillian had a really good day in her new class.  She really enjoyed dancing, building and playing outside.  She is such a sweet girl, we are so happy she is here at Primrose.  

Jillian first normal day at Primrose sorting dinosaurs by color

Jillian had a good 1st day of preschool (as well as her trial on Friday).

What she told us:
On Friday she got to do water play, and she said that she played with blocks a lot. She was calling him boy and telling him where to put the blocks. She learned his name today, and said she had fun playing with him again today.
She said she likes her teacher. She got to meet the co teacher for the first time today as well.
She said that she didn't know how to write her name, but knows it starts with a J.
Jillian said she read books about firefighters and about a pool. She said she was climbing and sliding on the playground but that she couldn't play on the tire swing. (she was sad about that).
She said they did some coloring and I heard her say a seahorse and bacon, but she didn't like us laughing and said it was something about "she was baking" So I don't know if that means she was playing with another girl or the teacher at the kitchen center, or that it was something they colored since that is what I asked.
She was a bit more clingy when I dropped her off this morning, in contrast to Friday when me, Allan and Katie dropped her off and she barely noticed our departure. She was happy enough when the teacher distracted her with building blocks.

Hanging up her backpack

More pics to come!

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