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Thursday, August 27, 2015

Katie 7 yr well check

 height: 3' 10'' 18%
weight 44 18%
BMI 14.6  (27%)
vision: 20,20
BP 100/58
pulse 92

She is doing good on calcium, does need more fruits and veggies, and protein isn't a concern either. She's meeting her milestones.

She also got her interim report, and she has a lot of 2s, which is needs support, but she is getting that with resource room/IEP. She is above with reading in MCLASS (their evaluation) except the reading comprehension (the writing portion) where she is at lowest level, but that is to be expected with her IEP- developmental delay in non-verbal. I am very proud of her.
Also, her behavior has been great at school so far.

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