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Monday, August 3, 2015

Katie's 7th Birthday and Jill's first days of school cont.

Rady for trial day

 What a Jilly face

 Finding her name and hook

 meeting her teacher

 playing with blocks

 Checking out the classroom fish

in the kitchen with katie

 Tbey had water play and I brought no bathing suit, hence the new clothes

She was playing with the only little boy in class. They would buld a bit and then it would fall and they would laugh. She was directing him. "Here boy, let's build. Boy, put it here. Come on boy." I told her that he had a name but that didn't deter her.

 birthday girl balloons

 seeing her cake

 ready to party

 Jillian loves to make a ball pit

 our katie monkey

 sticking the landing

 wondering what happened to her pit

 Playing dodge ball. They got the parents (the few, the brave) to join in

 Jill didn't particularly like the dodge ball

 getting daddy


 Putting the candles on


 handing out goody bags


 neighborhood ice cream social and pool afternoon

 ready for first normal day

  attitude Jilly in front of Primrose

 sorting dinosaurs

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