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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

School pages backup jill

up to 11/22

Jillian Preschool

week of 11/22
Last week, we had so much fun learning about food and health. Next week, we are going to discover the theme, “The First Thanksgiving”.  We have so many fun activities planned and look forward to learning some more interesting facts about the culture of Thanksgiving and the deeper meaning of gratitude. We will give thanks to the community and love ones that surround us. 

Happy Friday! The children enjoyed painting, reading books and playing shape games. 

Today the Preschoolers worked on the letter 'f' and read "Doctor Foster Went to Gloucester".
The Pre-K students worked on the letter 'y' and sang "Yetta Yo-Yo".
 Making my lips smile ! 😬😬😬😬

Today we begin our unit on Food and Health. 

The children enjoyed reading "Can I Play Too". 

week of 11/16
Last week, we had so much fun learning about sight and hearing. Next week, we are going to discover the theme, “Food and Health”.  We have so many fun activities planned and look forward to learning some more really interesting facts about different types of foods and ways to keep our bodies active and healthy. We will determine how each type of food will affect our bodies and mind. 


The children did a great job as they worked on sequencing while putting picture cards in the correct order.
We enjoyed "scent" painting as we added cinnamon to our paint.

11/11 math games today

week of 11/9

11/6 she's been sick this week, so today (fri) is only day she's been

10/19 We enjoyed talking about the Fall Harvest and reading "The leaves are falling one by one". We also had fun counting are leaves and writing a fall story.

10/16 Happy Friday! We enjoyed reading "Officer Buckle and Gloria". 

10/14 We enjoyed Rhythm and Notes today singing "Do Mi So". Preschoolers have been working on the letter "B"

week of 10/11


We had a fun week! In Art today we made "flashlights" and pretended to be firefighters. We also went on a bear hunt.
The children enjoyed a puppet show today.

The children have been learning what to do if there is an emergency. Today we practiced "dialing" 9-1-1. 

10/5 week

10/2 We had a great day! We enjoyed Spanish with Mr. Carlos, reading "Buzz", playing a letter game and Rhythm and Notes. 

Preschoolers played a game called "Number or Letter". They did a great job deciding which was a number and which was a letter.

In Math we are working on one-to-one correspondence, comparing sets of objects and recognizing numerals 1-10. You were correct...Jillian had a lot of energy today.  (she slept from 3pm sunday to 6:20am monday)

 week of 9/28 and looking back
 Whether you call it yinyue or la musica, it’s all music to our ears
This week, we had a blast learning about music around the world. Next week, we are going to explore the theme, “Animals around the World”. We have so many fun activities planned and look forward to learning some more really cool facts about different types of animals from different parts of the world.


Wrapping up the week the children did a great job in Math working on "Bag It".
In Reading, we read The Great Shape Hunt. We had fun noticing and pointing out all the different shapes in the classroom.

Pre-K read "The Big-Mouth Frog" during Reading today and did a great job working on vocabulary and comprehension.
During Reading, our Preschoolers read "Alphabet Under Construction" and enjoyed tracing Capital letters with their fingers.

9/21  Jillian had fun playing with her rocket ship today and did a great job sharing it with her friends.
In Math we played a game called "Bag It". The children did a great job looking at the number and putting the correct amount of counters into the bag. 

week of 9/21 This week, we had a blast learning about sports around the world.  Next week, we are going to explore the theme, “Music around the World”.  We have so many fun activities planned and look forward to learning some more really cool facts about different types of music from different parts of the world.  Please see the attached newsletter for the upcoming week’s classroom activities for the unit “Music Around the World”. This week preschoolers will explore music in the United States and in other countries through books, Circle Time conversations and lots of Rhythm & Notes with music from The Music Class lessons and activities to explore various forms of music as part of our "Music Around the World" Unit of Learning.
Mon-Students practice stating their full names today with "Full Name Catch" as part of this month's Life Skills theme, "I Know My Name and Address." The theme also ties in with our 9-week Get Ready. Get Safe. emergency preparedness blog series and Family Plan Checklist. Did you know that knowing their name can help children in an emergency?
Wed- In Science today we conduct an experiment mixing different ingredients together to create "Yellow Goo." Mixing in yellow food coloring helps us review the color of the month as we with explore this ooey gooey science experiment!
Fri- Counting by ones and tens and song count, clap and stomp

9/18  We had Spanish with Mr. Carlos today and the children had a great time. We sang songs, played maracas and danced while singing in Spanish.
We had the cultural parade today as well, our class was representing Kenya, we made flags and marched to the song of It's a Small World

9/16 The children did a great job in Reading making predictions about what would happen in The Lion and the Mouse.

9/14  In Math our preschoolers are learning to recognize objects in a set without counting. Our Pre-K children are working on recognizing which of two sets has more or fewer objects without counting.

week of 9/14
Explore sports around the world. Mon- Sports collage, Weds- Bells during music time. Alternate singing and playing on cue. Fri- comparison skills (less or more than with one to one correspondence)

9/11 During Writing we were practicing writing and sounding out letters. 

9/9 During Mucho Mundo we learned that "el mundo" means the world. We enjoyed reading Aqualicious today.

week of 9/7  we are going to explore the theme, “Children Around the World”. We have so many fun activities planned and look forward to learning some more really cool facts about different cultures.

We had a blast in Thumbs Up playing Musical Spots.

week of 8/31
Mon- Sttudents work together on a Pass-Along Picture during Art today. One person starts the drawing on a large sheet of paper then passes the marker to the next student until everyone has contributed and the project is complete!
wed: In Thumbs Up! today we work on moving in different ways with a fun theme-related activity called Henry Finds a Home. Students take turns moving from spot to spot (home to home) performing different actions
Fri: Students review identifying different musical instruments by picture and sound during Rhythm and Notes today.
This week we discuss the names of our teachers and classmates and what it means to be a friend during the Friends at School; Unit of Learning. Celebrate new classmates and the back-to-school season at home by making "Back-to-School Crafts" the whole family can enjoy such as: backpack tags or pencil toppers. This is a great project to share with older brothers and sisters too!

We had a wonderful day making clouds, build inside outside city out of blocks and watching clouds outside on the playground. During Art we discussed how clouds form while we painted with white paint on blue paper.

End of Summer Popsicle Party! - Popsicles for snack
Durning Thumbs Up we had a great time playing "Inside, Outside Rings".
Today we enjoyed playing outside in the cooler weather.

Today during Science we explored the inside of fruits and veggies. We also cut up a cucumber and will be making pickles. During Writing we walked around the classroom with clipboards and "wrote" words and toys that we saw.

school work so far:
 1st day of preschool, practicing her J's

 her rocket ship day 3

 calendar helper



  birds and animals are playing and flying outside my window

Jillian enjoyed building a farm with the bristle blocks and playing with all of her friends this morning. Have a wonderful weekend!
Weekly Theme: Express Yourself: Today the children enjoyed a puppet show about friendship.
Lunch - some of the Tropical Fruit, all of the Milk, all of the Cheese Tortellini, none of the Green Beans
Reading with a friend Caleb

8/19 "We read Mouse Paint during Circle Time today. Jillian enjoyed mixing yellow, red and blue paint together and guessing what color it would make. Today we learned some Yoga moves...Tree Pose, Butterfly and Rolling Rock."

8/17  Jillian enjoyed reading books with her friends today. During Writing we practiced our letters while making a Letter Collage.

week 3 look ahead: Mon: Singing, dancing, drawing and painting are soome ways we can express ourselves. We will be exploring these ideas and more this week as we learn to express ourselves! Weds: Today during Noggin' Joggin' students will explore the concepts of drawing and painting. After reading "Mouse Paint" by Ellen Stoll Walsh we sing a song about painting and drawing.
Fri: This week we experimented with different yoga poses during our Thumbs Up! transition times. Some of the poses we tried were "butterfly" and "rolling rock". These poses got us in the right mind set for our next activity!

week 2 This week we had fun doing our wild and wacky experiments.  Next week our theme is Express Yourself.  We will be learning to express ourselves through music, art, writing, facial expressions and dancing.  During Thumbs Up we will be learning different yoga poses,.

1st days at Primrose

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