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Thursday, October 1, 2015

Jill hair pulling update

For doc visit, easy to find, chronical of Jillian's hair pulling

- as early as 9 months old sept 2012 she was routinely grabbing, pulling out my hair when she could and would bring to her mouth. 2012/grabber.mp4.html

dec 2012: she played with her own often even before she could pull it out: 

noticed her pulling out own hair july 2013 (18 months), shaved mid sept 2013 when we realized she was eating it

 grew out.  one year 1-2 months later: pulling out again oct-nov 2014, shaved end of nov 2014

grew out, 7 months later pulling out began june 2015, shaved by end of june 2015

as of nov 13th 2015 in the grow out stage, but she will still eat the hair she finds 

for documented progression of her pulling- the frequency and the extent: 

 7/25/13 full head of hair on her left

 keep watch on left side. 8/3 Less than a month ago. One small bald spot

 more gone

 8/25 some of bangs gone


 going to the top 9/13

 right side matches the left now

 oct 1 2014 grown out, little pulling

 nov 2 2014 big bald right side

 nov 21 2014 spread to top

 dec 5 2014 shaved

 may 26 2015 grown out

 June 17 2015 pulling right side and bangs

 end of june 2015 shaved again

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