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Friday, November 27, 2015


age 4

with semi whiny voice "I'm too hungry to go to disney."

Jill to daddy: I want to finish my movie you rusty anchor!

age almost 4

Daddy, my shoes are biting my feet.
Why are they biting your feet?
They are crocodiles, hehehe

Jillian- time for bed.
I can't, my foots are hungry...
Come on, time for bed,
But my foots doesn't work

Goodwill to Jillian= Good kids wheel

-- Jillian, did you like meeting Santa?
What did you ask him for?
Its a secret.
But what if mommy forgets and has to remind Santa?
Its a surprise
--later on she said she wanted a princess book but said that she didn't remember what she told him.

Jillian,, if you had a baby brother or sister, what would you want to name them ( no, not pregnant, just had the thought that at about that age, Katie wanted to name baby Jobo or Beetle...)
J: If a boy, humpty... (deep in thought), if a sister... Humpty!

   age 3

Jillian on small world. "I spy something.... giraffey"


I love you Jillian
Too or sometimes tooey

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Disney Oct 2015

 Watching dreams come true

 packed and ready to go to disney

 buzz lightyear

 people mover

 dancing in line

 driving at the speedway

 goofy coaster

 ohana breakfast making mickey ears

 on the ferry

 haunted mansion

 space mountain i think 

 playing in the pooh house

 pooh bear 

 pirates of the caribbean line

 splash mountain playground waiting on katie to get off thunder mountain

 she gave me a world's best mom pin

 new mouse ears

 katie as chip

 dressed as ariels for the not so scary halloween party

 ready for candy

watching the halloween parade

 mine train

 line for test track making her own car

 loving the duffy bear 


 looking at pins together

 akersus lunch