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Friday, November 27, 2015


age 4

with semi whiny voice "I'm too hungry to go to disney."

Jill to daddy: I want to finish my movie you rusty anchor!

age almost 4

Daddy, my shoes are biting my feet.
Why are they biting your feet?
They are crocodiles, hehehe

Jillian- time for bed.
I can't, my foots are hungry...
Come on, time for bed,
But my foots doesn't work

Goodwill to Jillian= Good kids wheel

-- Jillian, did you like meeting Santa?
What did you ask him for?
Its a secret.
But what if mommy forgets and has to remind Santa?
Its a surprise
--later on she said she wanted a princess book but said that she didn't remember what she told him.

Jillian,, if you had a baby brother or sister, what would you want to name them ( no, not pregnant, just had the thought that at about that age, Katie wanted to name baby Jobo or Beetle...)
J: If a boy, humpty... (deep in thought), if a sister... Humpty!

   age 3

Jillian on small world. "I spy something.... giraffey"


I love you Jillian
Too or sometimes tooey

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