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Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Jill b-day and Christmas with mamaw and papaw

Jill at the Cookies with Santa

 Katie at Canes vs devils  Game with Dad

 Jill and her foster grants

 cupcakes at school on her birthday

 on the playground

 hanuka presents

 Santa at Walmart

 legos with papaw

 our lil chemist

 minion birthday cake

 minion birthday party

 Happy 4th birthday Jill

birthday song:

 jill and emily 

playing with mice toy: 

jill playing with lucy dog 

jill opening present: 

 candles on final night of hanuka 

Jill's canathon at primrose on the news

Jill singing dreidel song

Jill's got skills:

phone message for Katie's 2nd place in county:

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